Do Flip Flops with arch support help?

Foot orthoses really are a extremely effective method used by foot doctors to deal with a wide range of foot conditions. All of the clinical experiences and research data is that they are very effective. Nevertheless, one trouble with them is that they must be used in footwear. That is naturally a lifestyle choice, but sometimes the choices and the environment do not necessarily support the use of the correct shoes which foot orthotics could be worn in.

One question which you see asked often is that are those flip flops which have an arch support included in them, can they be used instead of foot supports. There are a number of manufacturers available on the market of flip flops which have varying amounts of arch support included in them.

Could they be as effective as foot supports?
That’s doubtful. The support that is included in them is just like what you would receive from a mass produced foot supports or one of the common over-the-counter kind of foot supports. That is okay if you have an average arch shape. However, that is not good if you don’t. Foot orthoses usually are intended to be specific to your foot type.

Should you use them?
There isn’t any harm in using them and they definitely may be used as an adjunct to foot supports when you are not using shoes. As if they may be utilized as an alternative, you should discuss that with your podiatrist.

I do keep hearing about the Archies online, but I haven’t tried them as they are from Australia. Apparently a lot of podiatry clinics in Australia sell them.

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