What to do about chilblains?

Chilblains really are a reasonably prevalent problem once the weather is colder. These are a painful and itchy reaction of the small blood vessels in the toes to the variations in temperature. They lead to a painful red lesion, that later turns into a dark blue color should they become chronic. They have recently been getting some extra publicity from the mass media on account of them being more prevalent in people infected with the coronovirus, getting the term, COVID toes.

Chilblains are a seasonal condition and happen in all countries in which the environment gets cold enough to cause the response in the skin. An instance of PodChatLive had a detailed discussion of the disorder of chilblains:

The obvious way to handle chilblains would be to prevent them by maintaining the feet warm. If a chilblain will occur then it needs to be kept warm and be covered to prevent the skin from breaking down. There are lots of chilblain creams which you can use to help to encourage the blood flow.

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